Medical conditions gone

Went to my regular doctor yesterday and my diabetes is gone, have not taken medication or insulin since the day before surgery (July 5) and my hemoglobin A1C went down awesome.   Been doing great with everything and trying to walk  at least a mile daily sometimes even more.  My number are as follows HW=331 SW=308 Cw= 287. feeling great and looking good. here is a comparison shot from one week after surgery to three weeks after surgery, I am getting my waist back lol

Phototastic-7_30_2015_1e0141da-da6c-44f6-ba63-3259f2674a4f (1)


quick question

I have most recently craved salt, has anyone else has this? Funny I never used salt before this so not sure why? Still doing great, losing daily started at 331 surgery day 308 today 291 hoping to get to 289 for my 2 week check on July 23 which I might just surpass that happy day all

One week feeling great

so it has been a little ove one week since surgery and feel wonderful, been walking, shopping, and experimenting with pureed foods, even though pureed chicken sounds gross it was not that bad, also pureed ham and beans which was ok, going to try pureed hamburger with tomato soup tonight.  some days i am hungry and other days could care less, that is so wierd to me but oh well.  So my starting weight was 331, my weight at surgery was 308, and today it is 294,  feeling pretty good about those numbers and can see the changes in my body especially after looking at the full body shot of twos days before surgery and today OMG I can see what my friends keep telling me with that.


three days out feeling great

So today marks three days post op and I feel great, not much pain to speak of up walking around, was only in the hospital for one night, but made to stay in Seattle til Friday in case of problems, however my insurance is playing for that so can not complain. Been drinking my water and protein pretty good, drink from the time I get up til I go to bed. Checked weight yesterday and lost ten lbs so I will never see the 300s again yay me. This has been a great journey so far only to get better and remember”Never Give Up”


got my surgery time today for Monday July 6 and the emotions started again, see if you have been following my blogs it is amazing that four years is narrowed down to 3 days. They called me with the time and I got tears in my eyes, I am so excited that the day is finally near and my new journey begins. I also feel blessed that I have a best friend who had weight loss surgery ten years ago and will be there for me throughout this wonderful journey I am about to embark upon. This surgery has taken so long to be so close today that I could rejoice from the mountain tops